Benefits of Recreation

Recreation and parks are essential services. Everyone has the right to participate regardless of gender, ethnicity, income status, or ability.

Communities, who support recreation and parks in a way that reflects local values and traditions, offer a quality of life to residents. Recreation and parks positively impact the health of individuals, communities, and our environment. We call these impacts or outcomes the Benefits of Recreation.

The National Benefits Hub describes the personal, social, economic, and environmental benefits of recreation and parks. Eight key messages demonstrate 50 outcome statements that are supported by research. This evidence demonstrates that recreation and parks are essential to health and quality of life.

  • Recreation, sport, arts, culture and parks are essential to personal health. Active Living is a key determinant of health status.
  • Recreation, active living, sport, arts, culture and parks are key to balanced human development helping Canadians reach for their potential.
  • Recreation, active lifestyles, fitness, sport, arts, culture, parks and trails are essential to quality of life and place.
  • Recreation, sport, arts and outdoor pursuits reduce self-destructive and anti-social behaviour.
  • Recreation, sport, active living, arts, culture and parks build strong families and healthy communities.
  • Recreation, active lifestyles, sport, arts, culture and parks reduce health care, social service, and police/justice costs!
  • Recreation, sport, art, culture and parks are significant economic generators in Yukon.
  • Parks, open spaces, and natural areas are ‘greenspace’ essential to well-being and our environmental and ecological survival.

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